Rembrandts Colors
Concrete Acid Stain

Rembrandt floors are guided by... Imagination

Rembrandt polymer stain gives you a palette of artful colors for concrete. It is a consumer friendly, easy to use, decorative solution for concrete.

Energize a drab concrete surface with colors that are bright, bold, and lively,

 It comes in colors such as vibrant red, orange, and cobalt blue. The only limit to the color palette is your imagination. People who like to be creative and do faux finishes are going to have a blast with this product.

Rembrandt is very user-friendly. The system consists of a gallon container of resin into which you squeeze tubes of pigment.  Just shake, and it's ready to apply.  One coat dries to the touch in less than an hour, and you can apply a clear finish coat after 2 to 3 hours.

Another benefit: Rembrandt is void of any objectionable odor because of an ultra-low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. The environmentally friendly formulation also complies with California's stringent South Coast Air Quality Management District rules for VOC content for architectural coatings.

Who is using Rembrandt?  Its appeal is extending to residential, commercial, and intuitional markets for a variety of interior and exterior applications, including childcare centers, theme parks, hospitals, children's bedrooms, shopping malls, restaurants, schools -- any place where you want to create excitement with color.

Rembrandt pigment comes in 12 standard colors as well as black and white. By mixing two or more pigments, you can create your own designer colors.

To achieve faux finish effects such as mottling, aging, or graining, you can apply one color of Rembrandt as a base coat followed by one or more contrasting colors, dabbed on with a cloth, sponge, or brush.

Rembrandt will give you a coverage rate of about 300 to 400 square feet per gallon, per coat.  Because of the product's low VOC content, it is completely safe to apply indoors without concern for odors or toxic fumes. Contact our office for surface preparation requirements and user-friendly application instructions.

Where to Use Rembrandt

Rembrandt is formulated for both interior and exterior use. It has excellent UV stability and wearability, but should be protected with a clear topcoat for additional abrasion and chemical resistance and for easier cleaning. For the topcoat, you can use an acrylic urethane, polyurethane, or epoxy, depending on the application.

Rembrandt can also be used on concrete surfaces that may not take conventional acid stains well, such as areas previously cleaned with muriatic acid, or where a substance is inhibiting the chemical reaction of the acid stain.

For slab surfaces where extra traction is desired, such as pool decks or sloped driveways, you can create a non-slip finish by broadcasting silica sand, fine glass beads, or other aggregates onto the surface between coating applications.